Learn Chemistry, Everywhere

Learn Chemistry is an app to learn easily for chemistry, wherever you are. Do you want to practice for your next test on the elements of the periodic table, in the break in school? Or do you want to practice completing some chemical reactions in the train on the way home? You can! With Learn Chemistry.

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Periodic Table Quiz

Learn the elements of the periodic table by heart. You can choose yourself how you want to practise. Do you want to practise them all, or only the ones that are important for your test?

Periodic Table

View all of the elements and their most used data in a list, wherever you are!

Chemical Reactions

Do you have a test on completing chemical reactions? Or are you a teacher and want your students to practice? Try it out in Learn Chemistry.

Dark Mode

Do you also want to learn in the evening, but is the light from your iPhone too strong? Fortunately you can! Learn Chemistry also supports Dark Mode. This way you can also learn chemistry in the evening without being bothered by the bright colors